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I am completely satisfied, and would recommend to any friend

I had my condo done 2 years ago and they really went above and beyond. They made sure I was happy, with a follow up visit, they were punctual, and affordable. Great company, nice people and excellent service! thanks again for the great floors!

Dara Y. - Vancouver, BC

It was a wonderful experience.

I highly recommend Integrity Hardwood Floors. I've had flooring done before and I think that this day in age where everybody is so rushed it's hard to find service like this. I was treated like a person and I was listened to and I'm very satisfied.

The floor installation went extremely well. We had a painter working at the same time that the floors were being done and Mike and his guys were very understanding of our situation and wanting the work done quickly but done well. They all had lovely personalities. The communication was smooth and efficient.

Mike and his team made it work in the time frame we wanted the work done so that when our furniture was delivered everything would be set. They did a great job. Our birch engineered hardwood floors look beautiful! The floors have actual molding to go with it which I think finished the job nicely rather than a painted molding.

Marilyn G - West Vancouver, BC

Professional, courteous, hard working, attention to detail and approachable!

I have to say - the company name "Integrity" is totally accurate! The employees were professional, hard working & courteous. I cannot say enough good things about them. They had the job done quickly and with little disruption to us.

Michelle P - Maple Ridge, BC

Quality, trustworthy work.

I had some contractors in before I hired Integrity Hardwood Floors and they had made a mess of the job and had taken three months to do something that should have taken a week. In the end I hired Integrity and they came in and ripped out a lot of the work the other contractor had done.

They came when they said they would and Mr. Daigle was here several times a day checking on the workmen to make sure everything was being done correctly and quickly. They finished when they said they were going to finish and the quality of the work was excellent. I would highly recommend them. If you want a good quality job with people you can trust working in your home, that's the place to go.

Sandy L. - Surrey, BC

Great quality of work

Integrity Hardwood Floors gave us quality flooring. My only complaint is that there wasn't a lot of follow-up afterwards but otherwise everything was great. The actual service was spectacular and on time and at-cost as estimated. I was very happy with that, I would just like some maintenance and follow-up which felt lacking in a perfect world.

Steve M. - Vancouver, BC

Does a great job in a time efficient manner

Integrity Hardwood Floors did some baseboards for us. I asked them to be very careful about the paint. The guy that changed the baseboards out ripped some of the paint off the walls and never fixed it. At the time, I should have made a bigger deal, but I let it go. It would have been nice if someone had acknowledged it, but nobody said anything. If they'd like to come back and fix it, they're very welcome to! I think I'd use them again. The actual job of the baseboards is beautiful. It was great that it was done in a very timely fashion. They sent a worker over the next day.

Allison P. - Surrey, BC

Polite, efficient, and fast

I had the job done once by another company, but it was so bad it had to be taken out and replaced. Integrity did the job for the second time and I was amazed. It took the first company five days to do the job, and Integrity did the finishing work in one day and the hardwood in another day. It is beautiful, everyone who walks into the house comments on it. Every corner and finish is perfect.

Wanda C. - Surrey, BC

They did a great job

I found them to be very helpful, courteous, knowledgeable. The work was done really well. They put in some cork flooring in a fairly large space in my home.

Barbara S. - West Vancouver, BC

Extremely pleased

My experience with Integrity Hardwood Floors was very positive. They were extremely thorough and helpful. I would definitely recommend them. I was extremely pleased with the job done.

Donna F. - New Westminister, BC

Professional from beginning to end

We were in the need of new hardwood flooring on the entire main level of our home following a flood in the kitchen area. Or so we thought! We consulted with a number of flooring specialists in the lower mainland, one of whom was Ted Diagle from Integrity Flooring. Ted came to our home to access the situation and concluded that the existing floor was not beyond repair and could be sanded and refinished at a fraction of the price of a reinstallation. The technician did a fantastic job sanding and refinishing the floors to better than new condition. They were flawless and exactly what we wanted. The process was quick, efficient and clean. I would absolutely recommend Integrity Flooring to other consumers who are looking for professional work and a competitive price. You won't be disappointed.

Denise M. - White Rock, BC

Top notch service and professionalism!!

I'd like to extend a big time thank-you onto both Ted Daigle and Immy Majores for their outstanding work in completing the project within our home. We recently purchased a home that had custom cut cork floor tiles. The floor was in desperate need of refinishing - ie, badly scuffed. Both Ted and Immy went above and beyond to find the appropriate product to use on this unique project. The end result turned out beautifully. Kudo's for the top notch service and professionalism! Thanks again.

Dawn K. - Langley, BC

Total integrity. True professionalism.

I got fixed up with Integrity Hardwood Floors through RONA, and used them to install new oak steps at the front entry of my home. I've had some sub par experiences with service people recently, but Integrity did excellent work. It was really fantastic.

The servicemen were totally professional in not only their skills, but also their manners and respect for the household. They ate lunch outside, and did a great job cleaning up after themselves once the work was completed. Their nice, friendly attitudes were refreshing.

There was one minor contention, in that I pointed out something small that I felt was not done correctly. Rather than argue with me, they said, "You're the boss", and fixed it to my satisfaction. Integrity take responsibility for their work, and therefore do great work.

Rudy V. - Vancouver, BC

My floors look fantastic! A really great experience!

My experience with Integrity Hardwood Floors was excellent! I wanted to do a total lower floor renovation. I met with six or seven sub-contractors and felt that Integrity gave the best presentation.

The head guy was super, he was very polite and very friendly. The crew put their tools away and left the house clean every night. There was no damage during the process. My floors look fantastic!

Derek S. - White Rock, BC

You know they have your best interests at heart.

My experience with Integrity was all good! They were just a good group of personable guys who you knew had you best interests at heart. They didn't rush, and they did a great job. They're all just good, professional people.

Michelle P. - Maple Ridge, BC

Painless. They made sure we were taken care of

Integrity Hardwood Floors was awesome! I've done a ton of home renovations. This is our third home, and we've renovated each one of them.

Integrity Hardwood Floors was so on top of things. They called me the day before to confirm the time they would be coming, and made sure we had all the materials and were ready to go when they arrived. The fellow showed up the day and time he said he was going to show up, did the work, and cleaned up after.

Ted from Integrity Hardwood Floors did the follow-up. He made sure we were taken care of. It was painless! I'm used to having to track down contractors after the work is done, or not having them be there when they say they are going to be, but Ted was great.

My total experience with Integrity Hardwood Floors was great. They gave us a quote, and came in on quote, and made everything totally painless. I had such a great experience with Integrity Hardwood Floors, and this is my way of saying thanks.

Wendy M. - Surrey, BC

Excellent product, great service

Integrity Hardwood Floors was recommended to me by a friend and this was my first experience with them. It was excellent. They brought the product to me to look at, gave me a quote in a timely manner, and installed it when they said they would.

Everything turned out beautifully. I had one issue with the threshold, but I don't think it was their problem because I think the movers set something heavy on it and it broke. Integrity Hardwood Floors came right back out and repaired it. They have a very high-end quality product and great service. I recently recommended them to a friend of mine.

Sarah P. - Burnaby, BC

Quality flooring, good service, and a clean job

We were considering putting in hardwood floors and found that Integrity Hardwood Floors had a reasonable price and their service was good. You read about people doing hardwood floors cheaply but we did not want to sacrifice quality.

They installed hardwood floors throughout our house and did a nice, clean job. They did not leave any debris. We have had the floors in for 2 years now and there is not a mark on them. I would highly recommend Integrity Hardwood Floors because I feel that there was honesty involved. It was an honest dollar value and I have nothing negative to say about them.

M.D. Davis - Delta, BC

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