Since the early 1900s the bark of the cork oak tree has been transformed into durable and attractive cork flooring without actually destroying the tree itself. The European cork oak tree regenerates itself within a few short years after being harvested, making it one of the most sustainable decor choices for those seeking environmentally responsible flooring options. Integrity Hardwood Floors Ltd. provides specialty cork flooring and professional installation services for a range of homes and businesses, and offers practical advice for using cork flooring to enhance decor.

Why ChooseCork Flooring?

  • Durability to withstand high-traffic areas
  • The most “green” flooring choice
  • Comfort for back and feet from a cushiony surface
  • Added traction to prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Natural sound absorption to mute noise
  • Warmth and insulation

A Full Spectrum of Color

Integrity Hardwood Floors Ltd. cork flooring is available in a wide variety of styles and colors that add a natural look to your home or commercial location. Create patterns and mosaics with versatile cork tile or ask qualified Integrity Hardwood Floors Ltd. flooring specialists about color option. Our experienced staff can stain cork flooring in a variety of pigments ranging from dark deep browns to light pale honey-colored hues and any shade in between. Visit our showroom to view samples of cork flooring in various shades of green, blue, and red to help you create unique and customized floor designs that make your home or business stand out.

Floor Sizing

Integrity Hardwood Floors Ltd. offers cork tiles available in standard 12” x 12” or 12” x 24” sizes or in alternate dimensions for floating cork floor and boards. Our experienced sales and design staff provide helpful recommendations for the precise thickness and sizes that are best suited to your commercial or residential location during a free on-site estimate.

Cork Installation

Integrity Hardwood Floors Ltd. Cork flooring installations require minimal preparation and produce minimal waste. Our efficient installers begin with ensuring the area is smooth and dry and help clients decide upon the most appropriate underlayment when necessary.

Cork Tiles

Versatile and decorative cork tiles can be installed over just about any surface using industry-approved high-grade adhesives. Integrity Hardwood Floors Ltd. follows all manufacturers’ recommendations when installing cork tiles and recommends hiring a professional for cork tiling installation. Unskilled applications can result in an uneven floor surface and poor long-term performance.

Floating Floor

Floating floor installations are a preferred choice for many property owners for durability and uniform results. We offer cork floating floorboards equipped with a unique interlock edge system that holds panels together securely and firmly. Discuss flooring options with an experienced Integrity Hardwood Floors Ltd. cork flooring installer.

Cork FloorMaintenance

Easy to maintain cork flooring is cleaned by regular vacuuming and sweeping and damp mopping with minimal water. As approved by the manufacturer, Integrity Hardwood Floors Ltd. recommends cleaning cork flooring with only mild soaps and detergents that are non-abrasive and do not contain harsh chemicals. When properly maintained, cork flooring could last for many years and serve as both a durable and attractive flooring option even in very high-traffic areas.

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